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Recently I receive some new kites and toys from Invento-HQ (thanks to Some of the toys are Roller ball, My Mystery UFO and Airglider 40. The Roller ball generates high gyroscopic forces. It can increase your wrist strength and grip with some practice. The two kites (Tattoo II and Batkite) have amazing quality and details. Tattoo II seems to be perfect kite for learning new tricks. Yes, you can do all the basic tricks with this kite and it has excellent light wind performance. Axels, half-axels, fade, lazy susan,.... and many more can be done with easy. Ok, I test it only ones but after a 5 minutes I was able to make it dance. It's easy to handle. The bridle is direct but smooth. After a few attempts I successfully did a yo-yo (without yo-yo stoppers) and unroll to a tip stand. In the next updates I will post more info, so stay tuned.

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