Kite Surf

I suggest you to check the foil kite designs instead of LEI (Leading Edge Inflatables). I heard someone says "They are too old school" but actually the new foil kite models (like HQ-Matrixx and HQ-Neo II) have more advantages. I think next few years we will see tendency to stop "pumping" on the beach! Time will tell....

Parafoil (Ram air) kites are self-inflatable (don't need to pump 5-15 min!) and the canopy design is similar to paraglider wing. Ones launched the cells are filled with air, which produce high enough inside pressure and the kite remains solid even in very low wind conditions. Due to the high project area they are much more efficient (more power per square meter), stable, smaller and lighter. Also have bigger wind range and wind window (bigger area in which can fly). There are special models for kitesurfing, which have closed or semi-closed cells, thus keeping the kite inflated (or, at least, making the deflation extremely slow) even in the water! Some of the disadvantages are more line consumption (which produces more drag in the air), water re-lunch on pure open-cell designs and slower turning speed on some old models.


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