Go Kiting, Greece!

This website is about the different types of kite flying. There are many sites for kitesurfing in Greece. The purpose is to emphasize remaining part of the spectrum here.

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What you can find here?

This website contains basic information that will help any beginner to gain a long range overview of the things. There are articles and specially

selected videos from YouTube (in playlists) to show what are the possibilities in each flying category:
Power kite   Stunt kite   Kitesurfing   Indoor flying   Street kiting

You want to buy a new kite, right!?... So, check our kite shop. High quality products from Invento-HQ Power kites, TB kiteboards, Scrub mountainboards, Peter Lynn buggies or accessories can be ordered directly from the contact page. Ask for more information about availability, size choice, free shipping above 50 Euros, HOT offers, used kites etc.

News - here you can check some of the latest videos that I upload and of course news about the local scene and the website.

The Spot locator will show you some of the kite spots around Athens, Greece.

You can use the forums for further discussion. If you already have some experience or regularly fly kites it would be great pleasure for me to know each other.

Go kiting!

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