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HQ Invento - Jive II
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TOPIC: HQ Invento - Jive II

HQ Invento - Jive II 6 years, 7 months ago #257

  • pa79vel
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Hi Kostaaa!
I just found your vids of Jive II:

It is a really nice kite, which I didn't expect to cope with that many tricks - and not that expensive actually for this set of tricks...

What modifications did you make?
I understand it was the bridle + weights?

Could you post any details?

Best regards!


Απ:HQ Invento - Jive II 6 years, 6 months ago #258

  • kostaaa
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Hi, Pawel!

Actually, I have one more video.... with the latest set-up.
(check the comments too...)

On "HQ-Jive II kite - from Old School to New School" has no mods!
Here you can see some of the first flights (when it was New) here:

So, Let's make a small Review of HQ-Jive II.

I had it for about 4-5 months but I can't say that I made huge progress during that time (probably, too many hours wasted for mods ). At the end I made more responsive version of Jive, but still it was difficult to keep good combos. The kite has a tendency to make random stuffs (very bad when you learning). Overall for someone who just start is a good deal.

What I don't like in this kite:

  • No covered leading Edges!!!
  • Over-steer, generally HQ don't set the bridles well in most of the kites (personal opinion)
  • High and Short Top Spreader (like all Nirvanas)
  • The geometry needs improvements...
  • Bad Yo-Yos

What I like:
  • Small kite for quick tricks
  • Good for very short lines
  • Good value for money... comes Ready to Fly
  • Didn't break after some very hard crashes (flic-flac to the ground )
  • Stable Fade

I made different bridle with smaller turbo leg and replace the top spreader with longer carbon tube, putted much much lower.

This is what I remember from Jive II....
It's not a bad kite. Good materials for that price -> full carbon frame with Ripstop Nylon, Dyneema lines.... Ready to fly
I would recommend it only for Beginners/First time buyers. If you practice regularly get more balanced kite.... probably you will save time and learn quicker.

Go Kiting!

Re: Απ:HQ Invento - Jive II 5 years, 10 months ago #321

Hi Kostaaa & Pawel

I too have a Jive 2 and have done a lot of work with it. As it arrives the Jive is Ok but nothing special but you can make it much more responsive with a few modifications. These are based on 2 years of tests.

1) Replace the 2 piece 5mm LE with a one piece 6mm LE - weighs the same (without the ferrule) and is stronger and stiffer.

2) Fit the kite with an second pair of standoffs - 25cm long fitted 7 cm closer to the spine.

3) Retie/make a new bridle - Uphaul 48cm (middle knot) Outhaul - 46cm Inhaul- 53cm Turbo- 4cm

4) tailweight 15-20 grams.

Modified kite is much more responsive, great at rotational tricks - Lazies, multi lazies, taz, slot, 540's, flic flacs, rolling susans, and great quick JL's. It is still not that good at yoyo's but it will do them along with Wap do Waps and probably a lot more I cannot do!

Mine has also been fitted with Skyshark P300 spine and BD Nitro lower spreaders ( I had some left over from another project).

Well worth trying and makes the kite much better.

The following user(s) said Thank You: kostaaa

Re: HQ Invento - Jive II 5 years, 10 months ago #323

  • kostaaa
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Hi, Hadge!
Nice to see you here! :)

Thanks for the info. A friend of my made modifications of his Jive II based on your experience and Nirvana FX settings. He find some similarities between the 2 kites.
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